Brief History of SUV

Everyone loves SUVs, for several reasons amongst which are the fact that they offer way more than your average car. It is the fastest-growing segment of cars world over and it’s easy to see the reason. They offer balance and can brave more bad terrains, as opposed to your salon cars. They also have more room both for passengers and luggage. Most families aim to have at least one so that everyone can travel together in one car. However, have you ever given a thought to how these vehicles came about? In today’s article that’s what we’ll be talking about. 

The much-loved SUV actually has violent backgrounds. SUVs were first used by the military in World War Two. During WWII the U.S needed vehicles which were durable, good in tough terrains and also safe for transporting soldiers and equipment. They needed 4×4 vehicles. Of over 120 companies which the U.S asked for proposals, only two replied. I’m sure they’d have regretted their actions. Because the US Army commissioned Willy BM who had won the bid to make a good number of the Sports Utility Vehicles they had designed. It was in the hundreds and it was called “Jeep”. Till this day in many parts of the world, SUVs are still popularly referred to as jeep, irrespective of the brand or company that’s making it. 

To even further mass-produce the vehicles, the Ford motor company was very instrumental. And by the time the war had begun proper, the two companies had made over 700,000 “Jeeps” for the U.S military.  When I say other companies must have regretted not sending in prototypes, now you understand what I’m saying. The Jeep, of course, was a total workhorse during the war. Not only did the U.S. Army use it, but they were also used by the allied forces. And it helped them navigate the muddy roads of Europe. With its 60 horsepower and 105 foot-pounds of torque, there was almost no terrain in muddy Europe this easy to repair vehicle could not handle. 

It didn’t end here though, because, after the war, the British tapped into the SUV ingenuity. The brothers Maurice and Spencer also created their version of the SUV, it was called Land Rover and that revolutionized the SUV car segment. Because it was actually built for the civilian user in mind, this was after WWII. 

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